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Ford Fleet Management has a fleet funding solution for your businessFFM - Funding solutions. Every fleet requirement, from a handful of cars and vans to complex, large scale vehicle operations, can be designed and implemented for you. Our solution for you will be bespoke, flexible and efficient.

  Contract Hire
Finance Lease
Flexible Leasing
Sale & Leaseback
Vehicle ownership at end of contract
No No No No
Vehicle return at end of contract
Yes Customer to sell to 3rd party
Yes Yes
Residual value risk
Ford Fleet management Customer
Ford Fleet Management
Ford Fleet Management
End of contract charges
(e.g. excess mileage, damage, etc)
Yes No Yes
Full maintenance options
Yes No Yes
VAT reclamation
Yes Yes Yes


Smart, financially efficient, fleet leasing.

Contract hire is the most popular form of funding for business vehicles. For a single monthly rental, your company can run a fleet of any size, with no worries about anything from acquisition, to disposal at the end of the contract, and everything in between. 



Contract hire brings a wide range of operational and financial benefits to fleets of all types and sizes:

  • Freeing up capital
  • Improved cash flow
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Removal of risk on residual values and servicing, repairs or maintenance costs
  • Another credit line
  • Rental costs can be offset against your taxable income
  • Eligible for VAT reclaims
  • Reduced administration time and costs
  • Enjoy the improved efficiencies of Ford Fleet Management’s economies of scale


Contract hire is a type of operating lease, so you can hire vehicles for a set mileage and time period. Usually contracts are for anything between 24 to 60 months, all for an agreed monthly rental. The rental covers the entire lifecycle from sourcing and delivery, right through to disposal. You can add in servicing and maintenance for an optional fee as well.

Contract hire is a real benefit to your company. You can choose from the latest range of vehicles, from any manufacturer, and select the ones that are perfectly matched to your particular requirements. The monthly rental can cover fleet vehicle leasing cost, servicing and maintenance, so you can focus on your company’s efficient operation. At the end of the term we collect the vehicles from a UK location and then, if you wish, you sign for a new agreement period. That means every two to five years you’ll get delivery of the very latest vehicles with technologies and services designed to keep your business moving and the all-important calling card to your company’s positive image.


A Flexible Alternative to Contract Hire.

For businesses’ that require more flexibility, Finance Lease is a simple funding solution that allows variable vehicle retention and mileage flexibility. 

Furthermore, you can tailor the monthly rental by choosing a payment profile with or without residual value. This option will lower monthly rentals and allow you to spread the entire cost over a defined time period.


There are three main benefits. First is low monthly rentals to ease cash-flow pressures. Second is the ability to reclaim VAT elements and third is the gain in case resale values improved.

  • Fixed monthly payments will assist cash-flow
  • Vehicle rental payments can be offset against tax
  • Benefit if resale values are higher than anticipated
  • Flexibility in contract terms
  • No penalties for excess mileage and wear and tear.


There are two different types of agreement available:

Without Residual Value:

This is the more common type of agreement. Here you pay for the cost of the vehicles over the course of the agreement. So, to be clear, you pay back the whole capital cost of the vehicles plus charges, which is realised as a monthly rental payable over the contract period. 

With Residual Value:

You pay reduced monthly rentals and then make a final payment at the end of the agreement (often referred to as balloon payment, or residual value). The final payment is agreed at the outset based on mileage and term. 

Whichever you choose, the full resale value risk is retained by your business. If the resale value is less than agreed, you are responsible for the deficit but if it’s more then you benefit from the difference. Typically finance lease can lead to tax efficiencies. Contact us to find out more details. 

At the end of the agreement, the vehicle can be disposed of to a third party or returned to us, with a further option for you to extend the agreement. As you are bearing the risk of the resale value, there are no penalties for excessive mileage or wear and tear.


We tailor our fleet solutions to your business needs.

Facing new challenges, looking at new opportunities or simply need greater flexibility to support your business going forward? Our flexible offering has been designed to adapt to your fleet needs to let you concentrate on what you do best.


Common needs for flexible mobility include:

  • Seasonal peaks in business activity
  • Temporary projects or assignments
  • Fixed term and temporary contracted employees
  • Product launches
  • Probation periods for new employees
  • Trial programmes e.g. electric vehicles


Our goal is to make your life easier. Choose a vehicle category with a full-service package and benefit from:

  • Contract from 1 to 24 months
  • No delivery costs or collection fees on agreements over 90 days
  • Includes road fund licence, maintenance and roadside assistance
  • Over 1500 ‘as new’ vehicles to choose from
  • Access our most popular vehicle groups at industry-leading competitive rates
  • Contract termination with just 48 hours’ notice
  • No mileage surcharges within the equivalent maximum of 30,000 miles per year and not exceeding stipulated de-fleet mileage


Flexible Leasing is a simple to use, cost-effective and fully adaptable rental solution. It provides access to a wide range of high-quality vehicles - most available within 72 hours - with the ability to return them whenever you want, with no early termination feesFFM - Delivery and collection costs.

It sits neatly in the gap between daily hire and contract hire. You have the flexibility to end the contract at just 48 hours’ notice without any termination charges. The deal is more cost effective than a daily rental, yet you have no long-term commitments. 

This is a great alternative to the ‘pool vehicle’ which spends its time languishing in the car park. Instead you have the choice from over 1,500 vehicles. All of them are younger than 12 months old – indeed, most are under three months old. They are delivered in ‘as new’, fully inspected showroom condition. 

Fully inclusive rates mean you only have to pay for fuel, insurance and any lubricant top-ups needed. And, if you like the vehicle, you can move it to a full contract hire.

Ford Fleet management Flexible Leasing Info


Increased liquidity and more time for your core business.

Owning your own vehicle fleet outright can feel like the right thing to do, but it ties up investment capital, risks high depreciation and can lead to irregular and fluctuating operating expenses and other financial surprises. In short, Sale and Leaseback allows you to benefit from all of the advantages of a contract hire agreement.

The solution is to sell your existing vehicles to Ford Fleet Management for an agreed price, and we shall lease the same vehicles back to you, take care of all your maintenance costs and give you more time to concentrate on managing your business.


Benefits of Sale and Leaseback are both financial and operational:

  • A fast and effective way to release your capital and improve your cash flow
  • Regular fixed monthly payments 
  • No risks associated with residual values or future interest rate rises
  • You gain another credit line
  • Full maintenance option keeps financial surprises away
  • VAT can be reclaimed
  • Rental can be deducted against corporation tax
  • Enjoy the improved efficiencies of Ford Fleet Management’s economies of scale.


Ford Fleet Management will manage the whole transition process, from ownership to vehicle leasing, for you. Our experts will offer advice suitable for your unique requirements and help you to find the most cost effective and efficient solution for your fleet.

If you decide to sell your fleet to us, we agree the purchase value of your vehicles and then lease back to you the same vehicles for an agreed period of time. We take on the ownership and all the associated risks. 

When the contract ends we collect the vehicles from you. All you have to do is make sure the vehicles are returned in an appropriate condition in line with the agreed age and mileage. All the risks of vehicle disposal are therefore borne by us, not you. 

To safeguard you further, you can benefit from a full maintenance package and other fleet management services for a fixed monthly payment.