We are Ford Fleet Management, your partners in the UK to provide and maintain maximum uptime in your fleet.

We are here to help you acquire and manage your fleet for the utmost efficiency and safety.

For general queries, please contact us directly on: or 0370 325 0023.

Portrait photo of Matt Saunders Corporate Account Manager

Phone: 07545648184


Having stumbled out of Solihull Technology College studying Sports Studies, believing I wanted to be a PE teacher, I found myself working as a rental representative at Ryder Truck Rental in Oldbury, West Midlands. Progressing through the ranks to Rental Manager of Nottingham and then the Leicester branch, I managed a fleet of vehicles ranging from small panel vans to 44T artics and trailers. Utilisation was everything. If the vehicle was sat, the company wasn’t earning – simple! Uptime? Yeah I know the importance of keeping vehicles active. I’ve spent time at Forward Trust (Midland Bank) on big ticket funding, again commercial vehicles and several years with ALD providing fleet funding analysis. Lately I’ve spent a few years away from the industry and have missed it. The fleet industry is a family and I still have contact with friends from Ryder from 30+ years ago .

"I don’t think there’s a better time to be involved with vehicles; the changes we’ll see over the next few years will be huge, particularly with electric vehicles and the whole connectivity piece. Why wouldn’t you?"

Portrait photo of James Hooker Corporate Account Manager

Phone: 07545648177

Having worked at a Dealership for over 10 years, then more recently at Fiat Professional and LeasePlan, I have a proven track record of managing complicated supply chains and conversions within the Blue Light, Public and Corporate sectors. More recently I have helped fleets with their Road to Zero Emissions planning. I have always carried these out with a consultative approach, and with Fleet compliance and Utilisation at the heart of my recommendations.

"When considering what is the best for a customer, it is worth understanding that the Automotive Industry is changing at a faster pace than it ever has, and being mindful of this, helps give the customer a solution that is only suitable for today, but is robust, and dynamic enough to still be relevant in 5 years’ time."

Whilst it’s embarrassing being a Van Nerd, I have to confess that I love “Van Spotting”, and in particular I drive my family crazy on long car journeys, as I love pointing out Vehicles that I have supplied! You probably wouldn’t want to be sat next to me at a Dinner Party!!

Portrait photo of Lee Jones, Director of Finance, Corporate Account Manager

Phone: 07857656228

I have over 10 years’ experience in the fleet and automotive sector with both manufacturers and fleet management companies. Most recently I have been part of the ALD Automotive/NatWest white label partnership with Lombard Vehicle Solutions.

"My experience with stakeholder partnerships and my background in Light Commercial Vehicles makes this opportunity with Ford Fleet Management really exciting. Being able to help shape a unique proposition and deliver that to customers, is something I am looking forward to."

The world as we know it is changing rapidly, with the transition to EV’s moving at a staggering pace and I look forward to discussing this subject with prospects and customers.

Portrait photo of Colin Wilson Corporate Account Manager

Phone: 07545648172


Unintentionally finding myself in the fleet industry over 35 years ago, I can’t think of any other industry that has changed, but more importantly developed at such a pace.

"Time spent at Northgate, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Isuzu and BT Fleet has given me broad commercial vehicle experience, enabling me to empathise with fleet operators and the challenges they face, I love the banter and honesty found in the CV world and always get a buzz out of helping fleet operators improve and thrive."

Portrait photo of Zoe Thackrah Bid & Marketing Manager

I started my automotive career as a graduate at Ford Credit and soon progressed into the world of marketing and sales. Having specialised in commercial vehicles and leasing, I worked closely with Ford Motor Company and ALD, and was eager to get involved in the opportunity to take FFM to market in the UK – and here I am!

"Most people I know would say I can talk for Britain, but that’s only when there’s lots to talk about, and looking at the possibility of what we as FFM can do for your business, I can assure you, I won’t be running out of things to talk about anytime soon."

It’s hard not to be passionate about the incredible technological advancements that cars and LCVs have made over the past decade, and I want to be in on the journey with our customers towards the (not so far) future of electrification and automation, as we continue to explore how we can excel as an industry together.

Portrait photo of John Wright Managing Director

After 22 years at ALD in the UK most recently working with Ford on its Ford Lease channel I was excited to join Ford Fleet Management and take Ford’s presence in the fleet management space to a new level. Combining the proven strength of ALD Automotive and Ford provides the opportunity to deliver new solutions to the challenges faced by fleet operators on a daily basis.

"Building a new business in a mature and sophisticated market is a challenge I couldn’t resist. With the approach of questioning how things are done and if they can be improved for customers I look forward to growing a business that puts Ford at the forefront of fleet management."

Portrait photo of Stuart Williams Head of Corporate Sales

I bring over 30 years fleet experience gained across both Corporate and SME and my aim is to help Ford Fleet Management become the first choice solution for companies who want their fleet operations to help their businesses to thrive.

"I want to work closely with our customers to develop and provide each one of them with a bespoke end to end fleet solution, delivering outstanding uptime management to keep their vehicles on the road."

Portrait photo of Dmitri Koulajenkov, Director of Finance, Head of Compliance and Risk

After quite a few interesting years at Ford and Ford Credit, I joined Ford Fleet Management to be closer to customers and to design and deliver fleet management solutions true to our motto: we are here to help your business thrive.

"Realisation of contribution to a customer’s success is a most enjoyable moment in the business life."

Portrait photo of Craig Andrews Head of Fleet Management Services

I have over 15 years industry experience with the majority spent in customer facing sales roles.

I spent the last 7 years in leadership positions, firstly in sales, and then more recently as the Head of Technical Operations. During this period I was also fortunate to work on strategic projects for the executive board looking at LCV strategy, as well as the customer integration following the acquisition of GE Capital, which provided me with invaluable experience for all areas of business.

"I always take my customer experience into these roles and put the customer at the heart of everything I do, making it a fundamental part of all teams and decision making. Any changes and improvements are always made with the customer in mind."


Ford and ALD Automotive, two leading global providers of mobility solutions, joined up to create Ford Fleet Management to add special value to fleet customers who seek bespoke services with minimum downtime, all backed up by a strong collaboration that you would expect from the UK and Europe’s market leading CV brand, and a global fleet and funding management provider.

Ford Fleet Management is a partnership born out of proven strengths. Ford has been commercial vehicle market leader for the past 55 years. It has unrivalled insight as to how fleet customers choose and use their vehicles. ALD Automotive has a long history of providing innovative funding and fleet management products to fleets across the globe. Ford Fleet Management will leverage these strengths to support fleet operators with our integrated fleet management system, tailored to customers specific needs.

Both commercial vehicles and passenger cars, no matter the brand, will be offered by Ford Fleet Management, a one-stop shop for leasing and fleet management services.

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