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Breakdown support at any time

Breakdown support at any time

Ford Assistance is a roadside rescue, repair and recovery service that helps you at home or anywhere in Europe, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Every new Ford passenger car and commercial vehicle comes with one year's free Ford Assistance. Up to nine people are covered.

How it works

If your vehicle breaks down, you simply call Ford Assistance and we’ll get someone out to you as fast as we can.

If we are unable to fix the problem there and then, we can help you in other ways such as providing a replacement vehicle, organising costs for alternative travel to your destination, or even covering hotel accommodation for you and your passengers.

What is included

If the repair cannot be carried out the same day, you have a choice of

  • Use of a replacement vehicle for a maximum of two working days
  • First class rail travel for the onward journey
  • Air fare up to a maximum of 600 euros, if the journey by rail exceeds six hours
  • Maximum of three nights in a hotel whilst the repair is carried out, up to 100 euros (excl. VAT, incl. breakfast) per person per night (which only applies, if you break down more than 80 km from your home)
  • Repatriation of your vehicle if you break down abroad and the repair time is longer than five calendar days

Ford Assistance is available for all new Ford vehicles from the date of first registration until the next scheduled service. (For information on your vehicle’s service interval please refer to the owner’s handbook.)

If you break down in (Market) you should call: 0800 XXXX

European Roadside Assistance

European Roadside Assistance

If you break down in any other European country you should call:0800 XXXX



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