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Update your direct debit

Enter the details of your bank account used to collect your Direct Debit.

You can only update your Direct Debit if there are more than 10 business days until your due date.

Only the payer can change direct debit details.

Confirm Direct Debit

Monthly installment payment

Your Direct Debit will be collected on or around your instalment payment date.

Your changes will not take effect until your next instalment date of {{nextInstalmentDate}}.

Please note this will only apply to account {{userAccountNumber}}.


You have successfully set up your Direct Debit details.

We will send a letter in the post within 3 working days to confirm set up of your Direct Debit instruction. It may take up to 24 hours for any changes to appear on your account.

Please note that the name that will appear on your bank statement against this Direct Debit will be 'FORD CREDIT UK'.


Bank details not available. Please download a SEPA to update your bank details.